Program Details



LEAP™ aims to increase participants' self-awareness through a series of behavioral profile evaluations. A pre-program assessment will help participants identify their personal strengths and talents; and the areas they would like to develop and strengthen during the program.

Throughout the learning modules, an external evaluator will conduct personal measurement surveys to gauge improvement in leadership skills, tracking the impact of LEAP on an individual and organizational level. Previous cohorts have concluded observed strengths in leadership skills and knowledge, including the ability to create a sense purpose and direction, inspire others with a compelling vision, and improvements of their own talents and skills.

LEAP will schedule Speed Mentoring sessions throughout the program. Speed mentoring is a series of short, focused conversations about specific questions. Participants will meet with a limited number of mentors in 10-minute time slots to garner some advice on a pre-selected topic.

LEAP™ Pods: Through group discussions with a smaller peer groups, as well as various professional networking opportunities, LEAP™ provides participants with an empowering environment that fosters skill-building and career growth.



LEAP™ participants will learn through a combination of on-site expert talks, and curated videos on a variety of topics. The supplemental online training tools will target areas the participants are interested in or may need help with, and will feature experts in their respective professional fields. Participants will be invited to engage in group discussions with their team (LEAP™ Pod) in person and /or through collaboration platforms . There will be several opportunities to meet with speakers at some point in the program.

Participants will also have professional headshots taken as part of the program.

Three Pillars of LEAP

LEAP™ in the Community

is designed to promote team work and unleash participants skills to solve a business challenge in a selected Irish-American non-profit service organizations. Through a series of site visits, participants gain a broad understanding of corporate social responsibility and the important of giving back.



Action learning is a powerful organizational tool where a diversified group of members solves a complex problem. While seeking innovation solutions, the group simultaneously develops their leadership and team skills. Working in a team environment, participants will be assigned a business challenge which they will be tasked with addressing and solving over a three-four month period.

Program participants will be assigned to a team of six team members. LEAP™ Pods will be overseen by an experienced IIBN member as well as a project sponsor.

Projects have been solicited from locally based Irish American or New York City non-profit agencies and meet the following criteria:

  • Benefit the broader Irish-American community and New York community

  • Benefits those who are underserviced in the Irish diaspora

  • Drive economic value

In year one, LEAP Pods worked with the Emerald Isle Immigration and the New York Irish Center.

In year two, LEAP Pods are working with Aisling Irish Community Center and Solace House.




Interested participants can apply online and will be screened by a selection committee of LEAP and the Irish International Business Network (IIBN). The selection process is competitive, so not all prospective applicants will be invited to join the program. The application process for the January 2020 cohort is expected to open in November 2019-. All applicants should be currently employed or run their own business entity. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to LEAP in the Community and contribute in meaningful ways to the project goals.


LEAP™ lasts about five months. The 2020 program will run from January to June. All participants will be expected to commit to the duration of the program and expected time commitment is 2-4 hours weekly. There is no cost for participating in the program. Participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.